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At MLZS, we understand that every child has his or her own unique set of interests and passion. We encourage our students to pursue their dreams and we support them in achieving them.

Students of MLZS participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities, apart from academics. Students explore music, athletics, values, technology and gain a rich knowledge, much beyond the classroom experience.

While children learn many new skills, parents also play an important role in ensuring that their children reach their maximum potential.

We seek cooperation from parents as their involvement in the children's learning experiences will have much to do with how well children succeed in school and later in life. Art and Education in India has always been a part and parcel of life. Our Indian educational System has been adopting experimental learning right from the days of ‘Gurukulam’. Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. What is Art? – ‘Any creative imagination of individuals which results in producing an aesthetic piece of work’.

Education is not just learning to read, write and calculate but primarily, learning the ‘Art of Living’, Enhancing skills, imbibing values, upholding beliefs, etc. The pedagogic reforms have been a harbinger of learner autonomy and multiple intelligences. Over a decade or more, integration of subjects has been much highlighted to be able to see the connection, association and relationship of one subject with the other and not to compartmentalise them. However, it is very hard for educationists to quickly think of ART, which by itself is vast and unfathomable. Little do we realise that there is abundant scope for using different forms of Arts to teach hard-core subjects and concepts- Art Forms ranging from Drawing, Craft, Music, Dance to Films, Paintings, photography and much more can handy to make Teaching & Learning Process not only highly interesting but also impactful.

Art Education stimulates and aids in improved Motor Skills, Focus, Collaboration & Co-operation. It promotes a Sense of Beauty & Aesthetics and subtly enhances the Happiness Quotient leading to a better Performance in Academics.

Teachers, Parents and Students – Let us ensure ‘Art Education’ goes hand in hand in the large scheme of the ‘Quest for Learning’ which will paint the joy of learning in the carnival of schooling.

Mrs. VIJAYASHANTHI GOPINATHCorrespondent, Mount Litera Zee School and Kidzee Padur & Kelambakkam